Merseyside Maritime Museum

Albert Dock | Liverpool L3 4AQ
Phone: 0151 478 4499

The Merseyside Maritime Museum gives visitors the chance to delve into Liverpool's famous seafaring past. Discover how Liverpool became such an iconic port city, uncover objects from the sunken Titanic, learn about life at sea and explore Liverpool's role as a pivotal gateway to America.

Located on the Albert Dock, the Maritime Museum's at the heart of Liverpool's nautical history. Enter the world of the customs officer at Siezed! — the Border Force National Museum — or walk in the footsteps of the nine million emigrants who sailed from Liverpool to North America, Australia and New Zealand between 1830 and 1930 for a better life in the 'New World'. In the Battle of the Atlantic gallery you'll learn all about Britain's darker seafaring past and the role of the Merchant Navy during the Second World War.

The museum is spread over four floors and a full floor plan can be found on the website to make it easier to plan your visit — plus! It's free entry and there's free WIFI. [Laura Maclean]

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    Merseyside Maritime Museum
    Albert Dock
    Liverpool L3 4AQ

    Merseyside Maritime Museum

    Opening Hours:
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    Phone: 0151 478 4499