Scottish Design Gift Guide 2017

We've brought together some of our favourite Scottish designers (and a handful from further afield) for the 2017 Christmas gift guide

Feature by The Skinny | 05 Dec 2017
Scottish Craft and Design Gift Guide 2017

There's a wealth of design talent in Scotland, and Christmas offers the perfect opportunity to buy a piece of it for your nearest and dearest. Shop local! We say it every year, repeatedly – shop local, support your neighbourhood designer / makers. Not only are all of these products beautifully designed, skillfully fabricated and ethical of material, your purchases will make a big difference to individuals being able to pursue their dreams of small business ownership. It's a win all round, amiright? Each producer is linked, and you can find where to buy direct IRL on our guides to Christmas markets in Edinburgh and Glasgow

Photography: Sarah Donley, @donley_photo
Styling: Stacey Hunter of Local Heroes, @localheroesdesign & Rosamund West, @rosamung
Model: Loki the Cocker, @loki_the_cocker

All clockwise from top left:


Olafur Eliasson, Little Sun Lamp, €30
Trakke, Finnieston Tote £70 
Green Thomas, Semaphore Scarf Red and White, £95
Pickerings's Tartan Gin, £20
Ocelot Chocolate, Fig and Orange, £6 each or 5 for £25
The Object Company, Oak cutting boards, £32, £36


Paulin, Orange Square Wallet, Orange Bifold Card Holder, £65, £45
Myer Halliday, Coffee Pot, £150
Steph Liddle, Grid Pot Big, £45, Dash Dish, £35, Dash Pot Tiny, £25
Hilary Grant, Tivoli Headband, £34
Laura Spring, Tote Bag Conceal Pink/Red, £38
The Object Company, Sterling Silver Spoon, Sterling Silver Salt Scoop, £50, £34
Fare Magazine, Istanbul, £12
Stack Magazines, Assortment, £70 per year, £20 per quarter, £7 per month


Ocelot Chocolate, Island Sea Salt, £6 each or 5 for £25
Hills & Harbour Gin, £33
Kate and the Ink, 3D Christmas Card with glasses, £3.20
East End Press, Tropical Birds of Paradise Garland, £8
Olafur Eliasson, Little Sun Lamp, €30
Hilary Grant, Archipelago Shawl Mustard and White, £130
Risotto Studio, Monster Notebook, £10
Pickering's, Gin Baubles, £30 for 6


Risotto Studio, Riso Club Subscription, £6 per month
Harris Gin, £37
Paulin, Clock (model 2), Lavender Square Wallet, Lavender Bifold Card Holder £45, £65, £45
Ocelot Chocolate, Bee Pollen and Mango, £6 each or 5 for £25
Collingwood Norris, Oronsay scarf, £80
Lucky Cloud, Balancing Face Oil 30ml, £20; Cleansing Balm 15ml, £7.50
Myer Halliday, Shot Cups, £13


Sara Hill, Get Crackin Glitter Cracker, ,£28
Pickering's, Gin Baubles, £30
Filmore Skincare, Moisturiser, Eye Gel, Face Wash. From £20
Ocelot Chocolate, Salted Almond, £6 each or 5 for £25
Kate and the Ink, Christmas cards, £3 each
Lucky Cloud, Balancing Face Oil 30ml, £20; Cleansing Balm 15ml, £7.50
East End Press, Parrot Colourful Pencil Case, Bird Colourful Coin Purse, £16, £14


Stack Magazines
Boom Saloon, £12
She is fierce, Magazine & pins, £10
Fare Magazine
Risotto Studio, Riso Club Subscription, £6 per month


Lake and Loch 'Ma Bit' beanies, £25 each