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David Mcgowan

Supermoon is the latest group formed by Neil Pennycook, who became one of Edinburgh’s best known local artists thanks to his previous band, Meursault. Supermoon have released one 7-track mini-album, called Oh, Supermoon Vol 1 (2015), and are preparing the release of their proper full-length debut.

Penicuik’s Pennycook formed Meursault in 2006, and gradually added more members, especially after moving to Edinburgh. They quickly earned a reputation for themselves on the live circuit, thanks largely to Pennycook’s startling vocals: his grand, booming voice, and his heartfelt delivery, left no crowd unaffected. That Pennycook had performing talent was never in doubt, but Meursault’s songs were also beautifully crafted, using both traditional folk elements and cutting edge electronics. For a good few years, Meursault were the most impressive band on the local music scene in Edinburgh, and many fans expected them to go on to achieve bigger and better things.

Meursault’s first LP, Pissing On Bonfires / Kissing With Tongues, was self-released by the band in 2008, and re-released the following year by local record label Song, By Toad. It received a 5-star review in The Skinny and was later named as the 16th best Scottish record of the first decade of the new millennium. Second album All Creatures Will Make Merry (2010) and third Something For The Weakened (2012) followed to more positive reviews and the band toured Europe in 2010 to support All Creatures... But they weren’t able to gain real traction, and the momentum that seemed to be behind them at the end of the decade didn’t continue into the new one.

In 2014 Meursault announced that they were to split up, and Pennycook resolved to continue writing and recording using the name Supermoon. Oh, Supermoon Vol. 1 received a positive response upon release in 2015, and Supermoon’s full debut is eagerly awaited by music fans across Scotland who remember the power of peak Meursault.

Supermoon members
Neil Pennycook
Alex Livingstone
Faith Eliott
Liam Chapman
Reuben F. Taylor

Supermoon discography
Oh, Supermoon Vol. 1 (2015) (The Skinny review)