Blanck Mass

Band Members
Benjamin John Power

Blanck Mass is the stage name of Benjamin John Power’s solo project, when he’s not acting as one half of drone outfit Fuck Buttons. Blanck Mass’ electronic offerings turn up the avant garde aggression, as Power experiments with a kind of post-rock via tightly fisted techno. Regardless of myriad adjectives and genres you might try to make stick, you’ll still find his music a bizarrely enjoyable, visceral assault on your eardrums. Power’s creations have a super physical effect; he reminded The Skinny in a 2015 interview that, after all, human beings are just “walking lumps of sentient flesh.”


Power released his first solo effort in 2011, and the self titled album set a precedent: no Blanck Mass record will ever be straight forward. Complex, highly charged and hugely demanding, Powers uses all the tools in his armoury to confuse and delight. From the “bucolic daydream” of his first LP, through the outlying ground covered by the White Math EP, to 2015’s marginally more accessible record Dumb Flesh, described in The Skinny’s five star review as “a volte-face of staggering ambition,” Power’s reputation for experimental intrigue only continues to gain pace.

Blanck Mass (2011, Rock Action Records)
White Math/Polymorph (2012, Software Recording Co.)
Dumb Flesh (2015, Sacred Bones Records) The Skinny review
The Great Confuso (2015, Sacred Bones Records) The Skinny review

Blanck Mass Tours, Trivia & Accolades

A Blanck Mass gig is one heck of an experience. As The Skinny described, during Power’s set at Electric Fields 2015, he dabbled in “nearly emptying the tent with a full ten minutes of abrasive, organ-shaking walls of sound… only to finally restart the dancefloor.” Dramatic, potentially indulgent and definitely thrilling, when Blanck Mass tours, protective ear-wear sales rocket.

In 2015 The Skinny awarded Dumb Flesh a shiny #4 in our Albums of The Year list.

Unlikely, but true: Power’s track ‘Sundowner’ was used during the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics.