Inside In/Inside Out
Inside In/Inside Out

The Kooks - Inside In/Inside Out

4/5 stars
The perfect remedy to these dark winter days.
Album review by Jess Chilton.
Published 15 February 2006
Brighton guitar rockers The Kooks may have pulled off something all-too rare a thing with their debut album. The effervescent riffs and jaunty lyrics of 'Inside In/Inside Out' combine with an overall sunny disposition to deliver a thoroughly enjoyable, finely crafted release that, for once, doesn't sound like everything else indie. Lyricist Luke Pritchard pulls off his Southern yelp with charm and sincerity, managing to sound distinctive in an over-crowded market full of Kaiser Chiefs and Ordinary Boys. The Kooks have written great pop songs here, with a sense of fun to bring a spring back to the step of the most jaded Brit-indie fan. Genuine, summery pop-rock to supply the perfect remedy to these dark winter days.