Over the Wall – Treacherous
Over the Wall – Treacherous

Album Review

Album title
Over the Wall
Motive Sounds
Release date
22 Nov

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Playing Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh on 12 Nov and Captain's Rest, Glasgow on 20 Nov.


Over the Wall – Treacherous

4/5 stars
Album review by Sam Wiseman.
Published 04 November 2010

Marrying a resolutely indie aesthetic to the open-eyed, reach-for-the-stars sincerity of anthemic 80s rock, Over the Wall enfold you in an almost embarrassingly overenthusiastic hug from the outset of Treacherous and don’t let go.

Superficially, the most obvious touchstone here is Arab Strap, another Glasgow-based two-piece whose wryly romantic indie-guitar narratives unfurl against a backdrop of cutesy electro-pop. The tone here, however, is a world away from Aidan Moffat’s murmured confessionals. Lyrically, Over the Wall exult in simple, heartfelt avowals of affection, and that sincerity finds its counterpart in racing, climbing power chords and trumpet blasts.

In terms of both instrumentation and structuring, there is an impressively imaginative variety here: songs build from softly-spoken, organ-backed intros to exuberant dual-vocal cacophonies, or shift unexpectedly into euphoric guitar solos. For some, the hug will feel cloying, but it indicates a distinctive personality that is rare among Over the Wall’s peers. [Sam Wiseman]