Lindsay Sugden & The Storm - Lindsay Sugden & The Storm
Lindsay Sugden & The Storm - Lindsay Sugden & The Storm

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Lindsay Sugden & The Storm EP
Lindsay Sugden & The Storm
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Lindsay Sugden plays Oxjam with Ballboy at Wee Red Bar, Edinburgh on 21 Mar.

Lindsay Sugden & The Storm - Lindsay Sugden & The Storm EP

4/5 stars
Single review by Stephen Toman.
Published 24 February 2009

At times rattly and percussive, at others, delicate and intricate - and that only accounts for Lindsay Sugden’s guitar playing which blends distinctly Caledonian, ethereal fingerpicking with unusual chord progressions and bass runs in constant motion. Her breathy vocals float through these four songs, merging alternatively with the guitar and gorgeous, unique cello; delicately clattering percussion provides an urgency in contrast with the dreamy strings. The empathetic production emphasises every intake of breath, the scraping of fingers on strings and subtle reverb creating an atmosphere of intimacy. This is proper contemporary Scottish folk music: neither gimmicky nor anachronistic, it sounds both familiar and yet otherwordly. [Stephen Toman]

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