Broken Records - Lies
Broken Records - Lies

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Single title
Broken Records
Distiller Records
Release date
3 Nov

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Broken Records play The Bongo Club, Edinburgh on 1 Nov and support Okkervil River at Oran Mor, Glasgow on 9 Nov.

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Broken Records - Lies

4/5 stars
Single review by Ewen Millar.
Published 29 October 2008

Kurt Cobain once stated that the only two places he would ever live would be Seattle or Edinburgh, a comment that aptly summed up a transatlantic love affair between many Scottish indie bands and their grunge cousins (Nirvana/Teenage Fanclub; Snow Patrol/Sebadoh; Biffy Clyro/anything with a lumberjack shirt). The latest Scottish band to epitomise this 'special relationship' is Broken Records, whose singer Jamie Sutherland offsets an ability to make his voice tremble with old-school generation-X teenage angst with a wry Scottish stoical twist. Sutherland manages the neat trick of being able to roar in a hoarse baritone and then switch into a window-shattering falsetto, whilst lush strings, a piano, and guitars hammer frantically away in the background. A great snapshot of a band on a rocket trajectory.