The Aliens
The Aliens

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7.30pm, £14.50

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The Aliens @ The Liquid Room, 16 Jun (CANCELLED - 3 Jun)

Quality pop songs in the key of Fife, if you will
Event preview by Pete Ballantine.
Published 28 May 2008

The Kingdom of Fife’s musical heritage used to be limited to Auchtermuchty superstars such as Jimmy Shand and the Proclaimers. Nowadays it boasts a burgeoning troop of critically acclaimed purveyors of sound from across the county. Rising from the ashes of trip-hoppy troubadours The Beta Band, East Neuk residents The Aliens have emerged as one of the more diverse artists to chuck their lot into this musical melting pot. Whether it’s the Floyd-esque psychedelic trips, cyber-glam robot chants of EP Alienoid Starmonica, or the classic rock leanings of debut album Astronomy for Dogs, The Aliens landed (sorry) on the nation’s radar a few short years ago. They may sometimes flatter to deceive on record, but live, the weirdness of chief Alien Gordon Anderson and his motley crew is often out of this world (again, sorry). They deliver quality pop songs in the key of Fife, if you will.