Vote in The Skinny Food & Drink Survey 2018

Once again, it's time for you lot to let us know your favourite food and drink spots across Scotland

Feature by Peter Simpson | 05 Sep 2017
  • Food and Drink Survey 2018

“God, it’s that time already.” Yes, the enthusiasm was truly unbridled in The Skinny office when it was pointed out mid-Fringe that September means the return of our annual Food and Drink Survey. Lots of data, lots of tweeting, big bants all round. Top stuff.

This is the seventh year of our Food and Drink Survey, and it’s safe to say that things have changed a lot in that time. Having started life as a way to get the opinions of the everyday Scottish food fan, it now seems that those opinions are everywhere, gushing all over the place like a burst water main or the proverbial pissing puppy. We’re not just talking about the other publications who’ve been ‘inspired’ by this Survey (he said, coughing repeatedly and making accusatory hand gestures), but the last seven years have seen an explosion in the ranking and rating game. Facebook, TripAdvisor, Yelp; all asking you to tip stars all over the place like a drunk Super Mario.

We could get into a long old rant about the power and nature of star ratings, and the ways in which social networks bastardise the very idea of quality control, but that’s another story for another day – short version is ‘hardly anyone deserves a five or a one, and stop five-starring places that aren’t even open yet’. For now, we’re aware that the game’s changed a bit since we launched this reader poll, so this year we’re mixing things up. We still want to know the standard stuff – your favourite pubs, cafes, shops and restaurants, and your favourite new places from 2017 – but we also want to take a deeper dive into the individual dishes and drinks that make Scotland’s food scene tick.

For example, where can we get the best pizza? A hole in the wall takeaway? A cool wood-fired pizzeria? Some other mysterious third option? Having spent years hitting you with occasionally vague category-based chat, we’ve decided to take our own advice from last year and just say what we really mean. It’s the actual food and drink that make a place great, and most great spots have a standout dish that you’ll come back for again and again. So this year, we want to celebrate those great things.

We want you to tell us where you cure your hangovers with shit-hot Bloody Marys, where we can get our hands on the best breakfast, the spot that does the best gin and tonic in all the land, and just where we can smash Scotland’s best tacos into our daft faces. We’ve put together a hit list of these and a few others, and want your help in putting together a one-stop cheat sheet for where to get the best of them. Fear not, this still won’t take long to fill out – we are fully aware that you’re doing all the heavy lifting on this survey, and are not massively inclined to start taking the piss about it.

Voting is open now in the form below, and will remain open until 26 November. Have strong opinions on your favourite food and drink? Get to voting, then share your thoughts over on those social networks (and tag @theskinnymag while you’re at it). Work in a great venue? Tell your workmates about this lovely opportunity for bragging rights, and politely harass your friends into voting for you. Eaten something, anything, in the last year and enjoyed it? Tell us, please.

We'll tally up your votes in December – because misery loves company, and we love to pair our panicked Christmas shopping with tens of thousands of spreadsheet entries – and we’ll get back to you with the results in our Food and Drink Special in January 2018. Like we said earlier, not everything in this life is fantastic and worthy of five stars, but we’d like your help in tracking down the food and drink that is. Hey, at least we only ask once a year...