Hobo with a Shotgun
Hobo with a Shotgun
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Film Review

Film title
Hobo with a Shotgun
Jason Eisener
Rutger Hauer, Brian Downey, Molly Dunsworth
Release date
15 Jul

Hobo with a Shotgun

4/5 stars
Film review by Becky Bartlett.
Published 11 July 2011

With a title like Hobo with a Shotgun, this film has a lot to live up to – and Jason Eisener's exploitation homage doesn't disappoint. Ageing cult star Rutger Hauer is the hobo in question who, rather like Dave in Kick-Ass, gets tired of seeing mass apathy towards the ever-increasing scum ruling the streets and decides to take matters into his own hands. Unlike Dave, this hero doesn't get his superhero suit online; he earns money for his shotgun by eating glass for a sadistic film director's latest project.

Hauer is a delight, playing the role perfectly straight and being all the more entertaining, and oddly affecting, as a result. Unashamedly gory, each manic moment of ultra-violence is captured in vivid, startling Technicolor and, with targets like a paedophile Santa on the Hobo's hitlist, it revels in its hilarious, shocking, glorious bad taste. Created by a fan for fans everywhere, Eisener's film is simultaneously original and a perfect throwback to the blood-splattered movies of the 70s.