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Duncan Tucker
Andrea James, Felicity Huffman, Danny Burstein

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4/5 stars
A real sense of empathy for its characters.
Film review by Penny Bartlett.
Published 16 April 2006

This much-hyped movie about road trips, family relationships and sex change operations sees Desperate Housewives star Felicity Huffman in the role of Stanley Osbourne, or Bree: a mild mannered, straight-laced pre-op transsexual who is desperate to finally become a woman. A week before the operation she discovers that she once fathered a son, who has just landed himself in jail for hustling. She bails him out and drives him across America to L.A in the guise of a devout Christian missionary from "The Church of the Potential Father". The film manages to avoid many of the cliches that it could fall prey to there are no cringe-inducing, life affirming monologues or tearful embraces and combines savvy dry humour with a real sense of empathy for its characters. [Penny Bartlett]